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Jan 05, 2022

3 Practical Tools for Sourcing Manufacturers in Indonesia

With the increasing production costs in China, the number of buyers diversifying their sourcing destinations to other southeast Asian countries has risen dramatically and Indonesia has become one of the preferred import countries manufacturing Footwear, Textiles, Furniture, Electrical and electronic equipment, Rubbers, Handcrafts and Agriculture. If you are also interested in producing your products in Indonesia, let us give you 3 useful tools to find suppliers in Indonesia.

Sourcing Websites & Platforms in Indonesia

The first step to taking advantage of the Indonesian production industry is to find yourself some supplier options. And the two easiest and quickest ways are through sourcing websites and tradeshows. Due to the current travel concerns that the world faces today, connecting through online platforms is an amazing option that was challenging for buyers to do even five years ago. Here’s a list of three online websites/platforms to help get you started.




Sourcing in Indonesia through Manufacturing Associations

The Manufacturing Associations could be a very useful tool that can help you find suppliers for different industries. You can access their databases of up to 1000 members and information about their upcoming shows.  Below you can take a look at some of the Associations shared with their related industries.




APPI- Indonesian Electrical Manufacturers Association

Get access to a list of suppliers that are already divided by product type.

The Association of Indonesia Automotive Industries


Besides finding a list of members for automotive products, you will be able to check the related tradeshows that you might be interested to participate in.

Indonesia Furniture Industry & Handicraft Association


Find all furniture and handicraft companies, ranging from raw material, semi-finished, and finished products.


For other industries, you can search: Indonesia {Industry} manufacturing association

Sourcing Manufacturers in Indonesia via Tradeshows

For those of you who aren’t held back by travel restrictions or concerns, attending tradeshows is one of the greatest tools that connect suppliers to buyers. It gives each side the opportunity to develop an immediate face-to-face connection, which has the potential to build a great business relationship for generations to come. If you have the capability to enjoy a casual business trip to Indonesia, the end of this article has a few tradeshows you could look into attending.

How do you ensure the suppliers are reliable before you send them a payment?

The best part of finding a new supplier in a new market is that there are services available that can help ensure that you’re investing in the right supplier for you. At V-Trust Inspection Services we have been servicing the main production areas of Indonesia for years. And not only through our most commonly used services of Product Inspections, but also through our extremely important Supplier Evaluation service.

By ordering a Supplier Evaluation, such as Factory Audit, you can uncover problems before investing in your first order. You can have a clear understanding of your supplier's capabilities, quality control system, management, and operating procedures. This enables you to select a qualified supplier with confidence. And this confidence is important for opening up new opportunities that have the potential to benefit your business greatly.

For more information on our services in Indonesia, you can connect with us through our website, email, or even by phone.

Tradeshow name





Indonesia International

Textile & Garment Expo



& August

Biggest and the most influential event 

in the textile and garment industry of 

South East-Asia

Indonesia International 

Furniture Expo (IFEX)



Furniture Home & Office Interior Design

Recognized as a Must-Attend Furniture Expo in the Region


Jakarta International Handicraft

Trade Fair




The Biggest and the most Complete Exhibition

of Gift and Housewares

1500 Exhibitors

Indonesia International 

Motor Show (IIMS)



International Automobiles, 

Spare Parts & Accessories Industry trade fair

Indonesia International 

Green Technology

and Eco-Friendly Products Exhibition (INA Greentech)



Mostly Indonesian and Chinese suppliers 


650 Exhibitors


The Indonesia International Lighting Exhibition



ASEAN's Largest Trade show for 

LED & Lighting Industry

+650 Exhibitors

Mega Build Indonesia


March & 


500 brands both locally and internationally

Indonesia's No. 1 Architecture, 

Interior Design & Building Materials Exhibitions


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